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I’ll begin this post with a sincere apology. It’s been two months since I’ve last posted something. I fucking suck. I know. So there’s my big apology, and having delivered that, I would like to, as with any good apology, offer a thought of change. From this point forward I will do my very best to write at least one post each week. Alright! Now onto the good stuff!
So the answer to the title of this post is most obviously Santa, but there are more Christmas visitors than just the jolly, old Saint Nick! When I was seven, I accumulated a large sum of people, people who would soon be my family. My mom’s new husband, Ian, was British and had a very large British family. And so, a tradition commenced. Nearly every December since, this very large family (or at least most of them) have come out to the scorching desert to celebrate the holiday, and this year was no exception. We have shared so many great times together over the last god knows how many years, and I expect we will share many more. With Christmas just hour away, and New Year’s around the corner, people around the world are celebrating. And sure, the holidays (especially New Year’s) are a time to go out and have fun, but they are also a time to spend with family and those who are closest to you. So forget about the gifts and the champagne and parties for a moment, and instead, have dinner with your parents or play a game with your friends. Stop worrying about following your resolutions and getting ahead for next semester. Enjoy a night or two with the people you love the most. So as our dear Santa Claus would say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

PS: I’m technically Jewish, emphasis on the “ish.”