I’m a bit disappointed. And yes, my expectations for Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby were unrealistically high, but after waiting a year, how could they not be? The movie as a movie was wonderful, but as an adaptation of Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, it sort of wasn’t. I get it. I really do. Hollywood has got to appeal to the greater public, not just the 20s-obsessed lit geeks like me, and it certainly did a good job at that. In fact, I’m sure many who’ve done themselves the misfortune of never reading the book would largely enjoy it. It’s just that the film left out some of (in my opinion) the novel’s best parts. For instance, the entire relationship between Nick and Jordan is non-existent. And Gatsby’s death and funeral are completely under-done. I do, however, greatly admire the movie’s subplot of Nick’s being in a mental asylum when telling the story. I thought that was wildly creative and a great way of turning it into more of a narrative piece. The costumes were, of course, absolutely incredible. After all, the dresses were all designed by Prada! The acting was very good, particularly that of Leo and surprisingly, Tobey Maguire. He, contrary to what I thought, made a fantastic Nick. Although I loved (and still love) the music by itself, I wasn’t all that crazy about its place in the movie. It just didn’t really seem to fit. I mean, 1920s flappers dancing the Charleston to will.i.am. just seemed a bit off. I would recommend seeing the film to everyone, even if just for the sake of watching Leonardo DiCaprio in gorgeous Brooks Brothers suits. In fact, despite my reservations about it, I’m going to see the film again next week. I would just warn all who are planning on seeing it that it is more a Great Gatsby than it is the Great Gatsby.