I had all of the other bases covered: my love of Oscar Wilde was firmly represented with “I’m Wilde About Oscar,” my adoration of books was manifested in “I Read Banned Books,” and my support of National Public Radio was made known to the world (or at least to the drivers of Paradise Valley) with my “NPR” and “KJZZ Sustaining Member” stickers. The only thing that was missing from my array of bumper stickers was a political endorsement. I had always wanted to display some political message on the back of my carpool-mom-like Honda Pilot, but my father always encouraged me not to do so, as not to upset anyone on the road. I mean, someone would totally have been likely to smash all my windows and steal my tires because of a little “STR8 AGAINST H8,” right? Anyways, I finally decided, after seeing a similar sticker on a car on the George Washington Bridge—yep, that’s the one that NJ Governor Chris Christie is currently being ridiculed for—that ol’ Jonah was being a bit too protective and that it was finally time for me to voice my (very strong) opinions. So, sometime in early November, I ordered my first political bumper sticker, which read, “HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT 2016.” I have since then gotten very mixed reactions. Apart from being made fun of by my family and questioned by some of my more conservative friends, I have caught three drivers taking photos of the wonderful sticker, seven rather elderly folks squinting to see what it said, and countless of discussions commenced in other vehicles because of it. Needless to say, it was $11 well spent.

Although she has not yet actually announced her running, I have fully given my vote to the admirable Mrs. Clinton. And honestly, why wouldn’t I? She is, thus far, the most suitable potential candidate. She has experience in the White House, both as a First Lady and as Secretary of State, has acquired the wisdom necessary to win from running once before, heads an organization that seeks to better the lives of oppressed women globally, is a strong proponent of gay rights, has the knowledge to lead our nation to its best possible state, and has the great Bill Clinton behind her. I wonder what they would call him. First Man?

Despite having “liked” various Facebook fan pages in the past, I just recently discovered the “Ready for Hillary” movement. I assume that I need not explain exactly what and whom it is that this political committee is in support of, as it is quite self-explanatory. Basically, if you can’t figure that one out, you probably shouldn’t be reading this magazine. I quickly discovered that Ready for Hillary had over one and a half million “likes” and already over 33,600 contributors—I’m one—before the woman has even said whether or not she will be running! This was obviously very impressive, and I was so joyed to see that so many people had the same enthusiasm and hope that I did. Perhaps the absolute best feature on the Ready for Hillary website, though, was the link a visitor can click on to receive a free bumper sticker. I, naturally, clicked on said link and am currently awaiting my second Hillary bumper sticker. This time, I think I’ll put it on my computer, though. Two on one car before it’s even official might be overkill.

But now onto the important stuff: why Hillary has my vote. As I mentioned previously, she is more than qualified for the position and is, as we saw in 2008, more than willing to work her a** off to do her very best. As an avid feminist, I am particularly impressed with Mrs. Clinton. Of course, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, also a progressive Democrat, is said to be running, but she is dull in comparison to Hillary. Clinton’s work for women both in our own country and in countless others is truly admirable, and her dedication to bettering the lives and futures of them all has come to dominate her social work. The most important reason that one should vote for Hillary, though, is her twenty years of experience in Washington, including two tours in the White House! She has also worked in the Senate, ran a presidential campaign in possibly one of the most grueling and historic elections, and she was the nation’s top diplomat. Having such an extensive past working in politics, Hillary will not make the same “rookie mistakes” that so many presidents have, not to mention that she has been stonewalled by the GOP previously and will thus be far more prepared to deal with GOP obstructionists than any other candidate would. And let’s face it. Hillary surpasses all other potential candidates by a landslide. I hate to offend any neo-con Tea Party conservative—well, actually I’d love to—but Ted Cruz? Seriously? Putting aside his utter incapability to run arguably the most powerful nation in the world, he can probably wait another four years to run, considering he is only 43. Then, of course, there is the other end of the age spectrum with Joe Biden, who will be quickly nearing 74 by the time the 2016 election rolls around. I am naturally a bit biased, but I would argue that Hillary is the best (hopefully) candidate that we have seen since her hubby!

According to EMILY’s List, an organization that supports pro-choice Democratic women running for office, says that America is ready for a female president. In their attempt to put the first woman in the White House, the political action group launched their campaign “Madam President.” The group’s president, Stephanie Schriock—you may recognize her name from countless emails if you are a supporter of or contributor to the organization—announced, “Americans are not only ready for a woman president, but—this is the best part—they see women’s leadership as a positive. We are in a new time, and I can feel this bubbling everywhere. We’re seeing more women step up and run for office. And we’ve quintupled our size in two years.” And with the heavy praise of new books like Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, women are far more than ready to see their gender in power. It is time that a woman be elected president of the United States—if Mozambique can do it, why the hell can’t we!—and who better than the wise, brilliant, esteemed, and beautiful Hillary Clinton?

To get a free “I’m Ready for Hillary” sticker of your own, visit www.readyforhillary.com!