Allow Me to Introduce Myself


To those who have clicked this page,

Firstly, welcome! My name is Gabby Shacknai, and I am thrilled that you have visited my blog! I technically live in the ever-so-hot state of Arizona, although I would truly consider myself a citizen of the world. I’ll be moving to Scotland in the fall to study English Language and Literature and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. Lastly (and most importantly), I was born in the wrong decade, perhaps even century. I have a constant yearning for the past. I’m a Hemingway fanatic and love everything 1920’s, as you can easily see in my wardrobe. Life is an ever-changing journey for me. I have many thoughts and opinions that I love to share, so I hope that I can entertain and enlighten you somewhere along the way.



7 thoughts on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself”

  1. Horny Sexy Shark said:

    Why hello there! I dont know if we have met before but can I say your vocabulary is quite stunning! But I do ask you to proof-read your home description one more time (hints: the last paragraph between gabby shacknai and gabby shacknai) is that an error i see? Nah it couldn’t be…
    Love you my little Hemingway fanatic(;

  2. Frederic said:

    You forgot a hyphen between ever and changing. It should be “ever-changing journey.”

  3. Brooke Coco Deville said:

    Love ur blog!! And ur a gem.

    Loves it!!


  4. astrophobian said:

    I happened to visit your blog, because I thought of the same domain name for myself! πŸ™‚ I really like this place, and will hopefully follow up!

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